How The Personal Loan Process Works...

Our safe online system gives you access to a network of lenders, connecting you with a program than can work for your borrowing needs. You provide basic information about your financial needs, we attempt to connect you with a great lender who can help. If we find a lender for you, they will provide program details up front, including rates, repayment options and proposed terms.

Under no obligation, you get to review the proposed loan and if it meets your satisfaction, you can agree and receive your money in as little as one business day in some cases.

The entire process is secure, safe, and takes less than 7 minutes to complete:

Step 1: Provide Basic Information

You begin by filling out the basic loan request on our website. Information you will be asked to provide is used by the lenders to determine which programs you may be eligible for.

You will be asked basic personal information, banking, income and borrowing questions to help find a customized loan for you.

Step 2: Lenders Make Offers

Once your loan request is complete it will be submitted for review to our lender network. Lenders will decide whether you are eligible for their leading programs based on the information you provided in the loan request.

If approved, you will be provided the details of the program you were selected for, including the loan agreement, length of time to repay, interest rates and any associated fees -- all up front, prior to any obligation being formed. If you like what you see, you can agree to the proposed terms.

Step 3: Accept & Get Funding

Once you have selected and approved of a lenders proposed loan, the money will be sent to your bank account. The funding time will vary from lender to lender and will depend on the time of day you applied and received an approval. In most cases you can expect your money within one business day to five business days.

If your qualification details make finding an option not possible at this time, alternative options are presented as an option to consider. As your eligibility changes, better loans become possible.

Make sure you clearly understand all the important details of your lenders proposed loan. It is important to note the amount you are expected to repay, how much time you will have to do so, and what flexibility is available if circumstances should change and you find yourself unable to meet a payment as scheduled. Take the time to clearly understand what is expected, what you get, and borrow responsibly.



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Loan Eligibility Requirements

Although our systems accepts requests nationwide, and attempts to connect you with a great lending option, some programs and lenders may not be available in certain states. Requirements for eligibility vary, and are lender specific, but there are a few basic requirements that must be met for approval:

Age: You must be 18 years of age or older in order to be eligible for a personal loan.

Residency: Qualification requires applicants to be a U.S. resident, a valid Social Security Number and to be either a legal citizen or permanent resident.

Income & Employment: Lending options are intended only for people who can reasonably be expected to repay monies borrowed. Lenders require applicants to have either a full-time job, be self-employed, or have regular verifiable income such as Social Security benefits or disability payments. If you cannot reasonably pay back a loan, this is not the service for you.

Bank Account: Most lenders require a valid bank account, your checking account is used to fund your selected loan following approval.

Credit Score: The better the credit-worthiness of an applicant, the better loan programs you will be eligible for. All credit types can request a loan, and not all lenders determine eligibility based upon credit, but a clean report with a history of financial responsibility will improve the options available and lenders in our network willing to provide financing options.


Peer to Peer Loans

Typical Requirements

  • Credit Score: 600+
  • Minimum Income: $2,000 per month verifiable
  • Employment Accepted: Employed / Self-Employed
  • Loan Range Given: $1,000 to $35,000

A recent addition to the portfolio of available options for borrowers, peer-to-peer lenders allow investors to connect directly with the consumer borrowing money. Lending investors are paired with consumers that meet the qualification requirements of the P2P loan system.

Peer-to-peer lenders are typically looking for a safe, fixed monthly return on the money they lend. A lending agreement brokered in this manner will proceed in the same way as you would expect with traditional online banking.

If you qualify for a peer-to-peer loan, funding options can be from $4,000 to $35,000. Though harder to qualify, these loan programs tend to be popular because of the available loan amount and generally lower rates. The lender brokering the peer-to-peer agreement will typically collect a loan origination fee between 1%-5% deducted from the amount loaned to the borrower.


Personal Installment Loans

  • Credit Score: 580+
  • Minimum Income: $2,000 per month
  • Employment Accepted: Employed / Self-Employed / Benefits
  • Loan Range Given: $1,000 to $20,000

Varying state by state, an installment loan can mean many different things nationwide. Not available in some states, in the broadest sense we'll define it as a lender provided program requiring repayment with a regular repayment schedule.

Loan amounts available are often determined by the borrowers state of residence, ranging from $2,500 to $20,000 in some cases. Borrowers are connected with lenders based on availability & eligibility, and a custom agreement is presented based upon the information you provided. Personal lenders can use your credit score in making a decision as well as other factors.


Bank Personal Loans

  • Credit Score: 580+
  • Minimum Income: $3,000 per month
  • Employment Accepted: Employed / Self-Employed
  • Loan Range Given: $1,000 to $35,000

Bank provided programs in our network provide traditional lending options for those who qualify. Your request will be reviewed, and the lending instrument offered may require you to complete the process in person at the local bank. After approval, this provides the opportunity to pickup your money at the bank branch or have the money deposited into your specified account.

Most financial instruments offered by the banks will provide fixed rate programs with personal loans available up to $30,000.


Alternative Loans

  • Credit Score: Bad Credit OK / No Credit
  • Minimum Income: $1,000 per month
  • Employment Accepted: Employed / Self-Employed / Benefits
  • Loan Range Given: $1,000 to $5,000

Our system will attempt to connect you with a great lender and loan option. If we are unable to find a traditional loan option for you, personal, alternative loan options may be presented. These programs provide a borrowing alternative for people with bad credit, or who are looking for an emergency option for a right-now financial challenge. Review the terms and conditions carefully, terms are generally not as advantageous as personal loan offers, and you are under no obligation to accept the offer a lender presents you.



Takes Less Than 7 Minutes

Residents of Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, West Virginia, Connecticut and Washington are not eligible to submit for financing.

The operator of this site is not a direct lender. Financing terms, conditions and policies vary by lender, state and applicant qualifications. Late or missed loan payments may be subject to increased fees and interest rates. Not all lending partners offer up to $35,000 loans, and not all applicants will be approved for their requested lending amounts, not all will qualify. Lenders may use collection services for non-payment.

Participating Lender’s Interest rates. The loan fees and interest rates are determined solely by the Participating Lender, with specific amounts determined based upon the information you submitted. we have no input on the amount of fees charged to your or the interest rate provided by the Participating Lender. Again, you are under no obligation to continue with the process if, at any time before signing the loan documents, you find the Participating Lender’s terms unacceptable. Interest rates charged by the Participating Lender are generally higher than a traditional loan for a similar amount issued by a bank or credit institution. However, bank loan requirements and terms are often much more stringent, and are not available as quickly as a payday or personal loan loan. With our Participating Lenders, you usually receive your funds within 1 business day of signing the loan documents.

Loan terms, conditions and policies vary by lender, state and applicant qualifications. Late or missed loan payments may be subject to increased fees and interest rates. Lending extensions and renewals may not be offered by all lenders. Short-term loans are meant for temporary cash needs only and are not intended as a long-term financial solution - please borrow responsibly.

Approvals are not guaranteed and are subject to the borrowing details meeting lender qualification. Repayment period terms and amount are determined by the lender - standard lending period consists of: 60 days - 72 months. We attempt to connect individuals with relevant offers subject to the borrowing profile submitted by the consumer. Please note that, while certain lenders may offer up to the advertised maximum loan amount, maximum dollar funding is atypical. Most consumers can expect to qualify for a smaller amount based on qualification.

What is the APR for financing I may get from a lender when connected on this site? This site is a lender connecting network that attempts to connect you with internet lenders for your needs. Publisher does not make credit decisions. The operator of this website does not charge an application fee. The exact APR your lender may offer you can vary. Your provider must disclose all this information prior to any obligation. It is important that you review the specific lending terms offered before you obligate yourself to the terms.

The operator of this website is not an agent, representative or broker of any lender and does not endorse or charge you for any service or product. The information you submit on this site will be shared with lenders and related service providers in an attempt to find a loan that can work for you. Lender may perform a credit check. Cash transfer times may vary between lenders and may depend on your individual financial institution. In some circumstances faxing may be required. This service is not available in all states, and the states serviced by this website may change from time to time and without notice. For details, questions or concerns regarding your financing, please contact your lender directly. Cash loans are meant to provide you with personal loan to solve immediate cash needs and should not be considered a long term solution. Please borrow responsibly!